Podcast – FTP setup

A) Steps 1-4 FTP

1. You need an FTP client (Filezilla). Download and install.

2. Input the login info from your host provider. Create a Podcast folder to drop your audio files into. Because we will be manually imputing the podcasts by dropping them into the “podcast folder” you create by seeing the host files through an FTP client.

3. Here’s an example of what the info for your hosting should look like. Plug this info into your FTP client.

Host: yourwebsite.com
Logon Type: Account
User: [email protected]
Password: yourpassword
Account: yourwebsite.com4.

4. Ok now click “connect” and once you’re in follow these directions for the order of the folders. Just double click on each of the following folder titles to get to the final folder: wp-content > uploads > podcasts. Once in “podcasts” drag and drop your audio file (you should see: yourpodcast.mp3) and your new one will now show up in there.

5. You are now done with the FTP and need to log into WordPress.

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