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Google Business Profile (GMB), previously known as Google My Business (GMB). Turn people who find you on Search & Maps into new customers!

Google Business Profile Set Up

Keeping your Business Profile up-to-date is super important. It makes it easier for people to find you on Google, shows you’re trustworthy with reviews, and lets you manage your business info. So, keep it fresh and awesome!

By maintaining a Business Profile, you can boost your visibility on Google, build trust with customer reviews. It’s like your secret sauce for standing out online!

Note — In late 2021, Google announced a significant change: Google My Business was being rebranded to Google Business Profile.

google business profile set up

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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Google Business Profile FAQ section!

We understand that managing your online presence can raise questions, and we’re here to help. Whether you’re curious about setting up your profile, optimizing it for better visibility, or simply navigating through its features, we’ve compiled answers to some common queries to guide you every step of the way.

Feel free to explore below or reach out to us directly if you need further assistance. Let’s make sure your business shines online!

1. How to create a Google Business Profile?

Creating a Google Business Profile is a great way to let people know about your business online. Here’s how you can do it in 11 easy steps:

  1. Go to Google: On your computer type in
  2. Sign In (if needed): If you have a Google account, sign in (this will be your gmail or google workspace email). If not, create a gmail account.
  3. Search for Google Business Profile: Type “Google Business Profile” in the search bar.
  4. Click on Google My Business: Look for the link that says “Google My Business” and click on it.
  5. Sign Up or Sign In: You might need to sign in again or sign up with your Google account.
  6. Enter Your Business Name: Type in the name of your business. Make sure it’s spelled correctly!
  7. Enter Your Address: If your business has a physical location, type in the address. If not, you can skip this step.
  8. Tell About Your Business: Write a short description of what your business does. Keep it simple and clear.
  9. Add Photos: Upload some pictures of your business. You can add pictures of your store, products, or anything that shows what you do.
  10. Verify Your Business: Google might need to verify that your business is real. This could be done by mail or phone.
  11. Finish and Publish: Once everything is filled out and verified, click “Finish” or “Publish”. You will need to wait until Google Verifies your Google Business Profile (can take up to 2 weeks). Once verified people will be able to find your business when they search on Google!

That’s it! Now your business has a Google Business Profile. You can update it anytime by signing into your Google account and going to Google My Business.

2. How to delete a Google Business Profile?

Deleting a Google Business Profile is a straightforward process, but it’s important to note that you should only delete it if you’re sure you no longer want your business to be found on Google. Here’s how you can delete a Google Business Profile:

  1. Sign in to Google My Business: Go to Google My Business website ( and sign in with the Google account that manages your business profile.
  2. Select Your Business: You will see a list of businesses associated with your account. Click on the business profile you want to delete.
  3. Go to “Info” Section: On the left-hand side menu, click on “Info”.
  4. Scroll Down to “Close or Remove this Profile”: Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you’ll find the section titled “Close or Remove this Profile”.
  5. Click on “Remove Profile”: Click on the “Remove profile” link.
  6. Confirm Deletion: Google will ask you to confirm that you want to remove the profile. Read through the information carefully because deleting your profile is permanent and cannot be undone.
  7. Follow Additional Instructions (if any): Depending on your specific situation, Google might ask for additional verification or information to proceed with the deletion. Follow any prompts or instructions provided.
  8. Submit Request: Once you are sure you want to delete the profile, submit the request.
  9. Confirmation: Google will confirm that your request has been received and processed. You may receive an email confirming the deletion.

It’s important to note that after deleting your Google Business Profile, your business information will no longer appear on Google Search and Maps. If you ever want to create a new profile in the future, you will need to go through the setup process again.

If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, you can also reach out to Google My Business support for help.

3. How to change Google Business Profile Picture?

Changing your Google Business Profile picture is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you:

  1. Sign in to Google My Business: Go to the Google My Business website ( and sign in with the Google account that manages your business profile.
  2. Select Your Business Location: If you manage multiple locations, select the location you want to update.
  3. Go to “Photos” Section: On the left-hand side menu, click on “Photos”. This will take you to the section where you can manage your business photos.
  4. Choose “Profile” Tab: Within the Photos section, click on the “Profile” tab. This is where you can upload or change your profile picture.
  5. Upload a New Photo: Click on the camera icon (or “Add profile photo” button) to upload a new photo from your computer or device.
  6. Select or Drag a Photo: Choose the photo you want to use as your new profile picture from your files. You can also drag and drop the photo into the upload area.
  7. Adjust and Confirm: Once the photo is uploaded, you may have the option to adjust the crop or orientation. Make sure the photo looks good and represents your business well.
  8. Save Changes: Click on “Save” or “Apply” to confirm your new profile picture. Google may take some time to review the changes before they appear on your profile.
  9. Check Your Profile: After saving, check your Google Business Profile on Google Search and Maps to ensure the new profile picture is showing correctly.

That’s it! You’ve successfully changed your Google Business Profile picture. Updating your profile picture can help attract more customers and give them a better sense of your business when they find you online.

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