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Tips on updating & maintaining, to running your own wordpress website.
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Welcome to the Learning Center! We post tutorials and useful links on how to update your website (via video and text). The idea is to give you, the user the tools to do the updates yourself as needed. WordPress; Media, Posts, Pages, Users, Tools, Settings coming soon..

If you need a little help, don’t want to maintain your website, and/or don’t have time you can always contact us and we will gladly do it for you!

WordPress overview

  1. Explaining WordPress & Creating a basic website (7 videos)

How to update your WordPress websitephoto gallery add photo in wordpress

  1. Media – how to upload media (coming soon)
  2. Posts – blogging (coming soon)
  3. Pages – how to create a new page (coming soon)
  4. Tools – change (coming soon)
  5. Photo Gallery – how to add photos (2:47)

Submit Your Website to Search Engines

  1. Submit your site to Google search engine
  2. Submit your site to Bing search engine
  3. Submit your site to Yahoo search enginewoocommerce-overview

Google Analytics

  1. Google Analytics – track your website visitors
  2. Audience Reports (0:29)

ECommerce via WordPress (online store)

  1. WooCommerce plugin – overview (3:01)
  2. WooCommerce – orders (2:11)
  3. WooCommerce – reports (coming soon)
  4. WooCommerce – adding products (coming soon)

how-search-worksSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)

  1. How Search Works – Google (3:15)
  2. Create your Google Sitemap online
  3. Google Webmaster tools – submit a site map of your website
  4. Using search queries to improve your site (12:30)

Podcast via WordPress

  1. Setting up a Podcast channel in WordPress/FTP Client
  2. Importing a Podcast to WordPress
  3. Posting on your WordPress feed
Google Helpful links for Cpanel & MX Entry/email configuration: