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Website Health Checks for WordPress

Websites need to be updated from time to keep them running well. We can help with WordPress Website Maintenance and Website Health Checks.

Is your website performing how it should?

Our website health reports monitor security, speed performance, page views, uptime, SEO keywords, backups and more.

 “Just as you maintain your car and update your phone software regularly, it is important to do the same with your website!” – Mark

Website Health Check & Report

$129/per request

(or monthly, quarterly, twice-yearly or yearly)

PDF report on everything emailed to you.


  • Backups – restore points.
  • Uptime Monitor – notified if your website goes down
  • Hacking protection and notifications
  • Single point of contact for your website
  • Optimizations – database optimizations, post revisions. We clean up your MYSQL database so your site doesn’t slow down.
  • Link Monitor – display if there are any broken links within your website.
  • Updates – let you know what plugins, themes and wordpress updates ran or needed.
  • Security – plugins, themes, wordpress or blacklisted from any search engines
  • Performance – page speed grade and history since last report ran. Site speed and where to make improvements on load time.
  • SEO Ranking – how you’re ranking in specified keyword phrases (visibility score).
  • Analytics – traffic overview. Stats on referrers, pages, keywords, countries.
  • Woocommerce – sales stats for your e-commerce store.
  • 30 minutes of technical updates.

Get Your Website Back On Track!

What Our Website Health Check Covers

At Watermark Design, our comprehensive website audit looks at all the factors that have the largest impact on your website’s performance. Our website audit checklist makes it easy to see where your site is performing well and where a few adjustments could improve site performance. Here’s a closer look at what our website audit covers.

Overall Site Performance

Your overall site performance measures how quickly the pages of your website load in a user’s web browser. Studies have shown that the average web user waits just two seconds for a site to load. Any longer than that, and they navigate away to find a site that will provide them with information faster.

You can test your website site speed with free tools like Google SpeedTest Insights Tool. This will give you a good starting point. With more and more people using mobile first it would be a good idea to also test your website with Google Developers mobile-friendly test tool to make sure your site is mobile-friendly.

Generally, Google considers faster-loading websites as higher-performing websites. In your site health check, Watermark will run a speed test that will check your website’s page load time, time to start render, time to title, and DNS lookup time, among other metrics. We will also look at how long users stay on your website and how many leave your site without clicking on anything.

Core Web Vitals

When you get a physical, a nurse checks your height, weight, pulse, and blood pressure. A core web vitals audit is a physical for your website. It looks over several factors that give a baseline picture of your site’s health. A website vitals check will look for improperly sized images, unused JavaScript, chained critical requests, and other technical details that may be affecting your site’s performance.

The health of your website’s vital signs help Google understand whether or not your site is a high-quality or low-quality source of information. When too many vital signs are poor or not working properly, your site’s performance on Google will suffer. Watermark Design site health check will uncover any core web vitals that need improvement.


To find and index your website, Google sends out bots called web crawlers to skitter all over your website, reading the content and following the links. Then, they bring all that data back to Google’s servers to be indexed.

If your website has good crawlability, Google’s bots have an easy time finding and reading content and following all your links. But if your website is full of dead or broken links or unclear copy, the bots will struggle to access your website’s content. This makes it difficult for Google to index the content of your website and analyze its relevance to users. This results in a poor crawlability score.

Watermark’s website health check will perform a test of your website’s crawlability. If the bots can work through your website with ease, your site will score well. If they get stuck, we will recommend ways you can improve your site’s crawlability and therefore its performance on Google.

Internal Links

Internal links between your website’s pages play an important role in the crawlability of your website. Without them, Google’s bots (and human users) have a difficult time finding content on your site. Broken links pose the same challenge to bots and users. To Google, broken internal links are a huge red flag. Sites with several broken internal links often rank poorly in Google search results.

Checking your site’s internal links is one of the items on our website audit checklist. We will give your entire site a thorough checkup and flag any broken links. If your site has few or no internal links, we’ll flag that, too.

HTTPS/SSL Certificate

Have you noticed that most websites now have HTTPS protocols rather than HTTP protocols? That’s because Google has started ranking sites with HTTPS protocols higher than those with simple HTTP protocols. HTTPS protocols encrypt the connection between your device and the server of the website you’re visiting. Without an HTTPS protocol in place, any information you send between your computer and the website is not secure and could be stolen. HTTPS protocols are not only safer, they’re faster than the old HTTP protocols. This can help with your overall site performance.

Fortunately, updating your website to HTTPS is simple. If your Watermark Design website health check uncovers that you’re still using the old HTTP protocol, we can help you update your site to HTTPS by installing an SSL certificate on your site. This is a digital certificate available through your web hosting company that authenticates the identity of your website and allows encrypted connections.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Website Health Check

As you can see, a website health check can help you understand why your site may not be performing well on Google. Armed with this information, you can work with a web designer or developer to make improvements to your site’s health that will improve not only your site’s search engine performance, but your website’s overall user experience.

If you’re trying to perform a website audit on your own, know that the experience can be frustrating and time-consuming if you’re not an SEO pro. Running an effective audit requires know-how and the right tools. You will also want to find someone with the technical expertise to make the changes your website health check recommends.

SEO Monitoring Benefits and Costs

A website health check is a great first step in improving your site’s user experience and search engine performance. To continue to improve your site’s visibility and ranking on Google, you will want to continuously monitor your site’s SEO performance. While there is a cost to these services, SEO monitoring and regular updates to your site can help your website get found and convert more users into customers.

Watermark Design can provide ongoing SEO monitoring services for your website. We can also provide periodic site audits on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis to ensure your site is performing optimally.

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Customer Reviews

google 5 star review

Mark blew our expectations on our project.

We look forward to working with Watermark Design again in the near future.

Dustin Gunderson, SPS Metals

Mark has been a DREAM to work with!

Our website went from simple to complex by adding an online store, and Mark did an amazing job! Mark is very responsive, professional, and truly an expert at his profession. I don't know where my business would be without him!

Michele Pennington, Stashios

Website Health Check FAQs

How do I check my website’s health?

Several online SEO and website performance tools allow you to perform a health check on your website. The dashboards and metrics can be confusing to the untrained eye, however, and most tools are not free to use. You may be better off working with an SEO pro like Watermark Design for your website health check.

What is a website health check?
A website health check is a comprehensive audit of your site’s overall performance, core vitals, crawlability, internal linking, and HTTPS status. It uncovers areas of improvement for your website’s usability and performance in search engine rankings.
How do I audit a WordPress website?

A website health check on your WordPress website can provide the information you need to improve your site performance. Enter your information in the form below to get started.

How can I get an SEO health check on my website?

Get in touch with the Watermark Design team! A better-performing website is just a click away. Fill out the simple form below to get started.

How to check the health of the url? (4 easy steps)

4 basic steps that every business should run on their website.

  1. Test & gauge your website page speed with a goal to get under 2 seconds.
  2. Use the Google mobile-friendly test tool to make sure your website is mobile friendly.
  3. Check for broken links and images.
  4. Make sure your website is secure. Get a SSL Certificate setup to make your website https://.
How to check if a website is working?

To check to see if your website is up and working you can test your website at here. Enter your website url and continue to monitor and be notified if your site is down.

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