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Watermark Design is a leading design company in MN that offers graphic design and logo design.

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Our business is built on relationships. We want you to succeed and will NOT pitch you something to make a sale. We partner with you, educate, and walk side by side with you in the development of your logo design. This is why many of our clients keep coming back over and over again for the last 10+ years.

We provide top logo design & branding to start-ups, small businesses, churches and nonprofits through clarifying your design message, positioning your client as the hero.

We love working with the curious, the novices, the outdated, the little guys, the mom and pop shops, the entrepreneurs and the up-and-comers. We are designers that care and love challenges.

If you’re ready to move forward please fill out this detailed form which asks for a little more information on the logo.

Some questions we ask are; business name, color preferences, type face, logo will used on, imagery in mind, describe your services, etc.

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