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On June 10, 2022, Verizon sold the former Yahoo Small Business Essentials portfolio to Infinite Computer Solutions, a worldwide renowned technology company. No matter the stage of their small business lifespan, the group has been offering small businesses industry-leading, individualized solutions to help them launch, run, and develop their operations in today’s digital marketplace for 20 years.

What were Yahoo Small Business Essentials?

Yahoo Small Business, which was established in 1983, became Verizon Small Business Essentials in 2021. The business provides SMB services like email, domain registration, website design, hosting, e-commerce, and online marketplaces.

The existing customers will now have to login to the Turbify account to access their Yahoo Small Business Essentials portfolio. However, various issues are being faced by customers and we are here to help with some tips and suggestions!

So, first of all, if you are an existing Yahoo Small Business Essentials customer, you’ve got to contact the Turbify customer care team if you are facing issues with your web hosting services.

We have put together some of the most common queries regarding the acquisition and issues related to Verizon Small Business Hosting,

1. Do I require a fresh login ID for Turbify?

No, they don’t anticipate any changes to your login details. You can still access your accounts using your current login ID. The URL you were using to enter your control panels has shifted, so please be aware of this. Until you upgrade your browsers, your login will not automatically fill in. Visit Turbify’s support page here to learn more about how to do this.

2. Which URLs have changed that I should be aware of for Turbify?

Please change the following new URLs in your bookmarks:

Description Previous URL New URL
Turbify homepage verizonsmallbusinessessentials.com OR verizon.com/business/small-business-essentials turbify.com
Help portal help.verizonsmallbusinessessentials.com help.turbify.com
Sign in page login.verizonsmallbusinessessentials.com login.turbify.com
Business Control Panel/My Services verizonsmallbusinessessentials.com/services turbify.com/services
Business email sign in page mail.verizonsmallbusinessessentials.com mail.turbify.com
Small Business Resource Center verizon.com/business/small-business-essentials/resources resources.turbify.com


3. Will I continue to receive emails with product updates?

Definitely. Please add [email protected] to your contact list so you won’t miss any communications from Turbify. Please refer to these guidelines for adding connections to your address book if you use corporate mail.

4. Are there any products that are going to be discontinued?

After careful deliberation, Turbify has decided to stop providing support for Site Solution. This article has further details on this end-of-life.

5. Will this alter the invoicing details I now see for Yahoo Small Business Essentials subscriptions?

The description will, in fact, match the new company name – Turbify. Once the billing system is renewed, you’ll see the new business name on your bills.

6. Does this modification impact the use of any of my existing small business products?

Your ability to access your subscriptions won’t be hampered.

7. Will I still be able to access my company email account?

No, they don’t anticipate any changes to your login details. You can still access your accounts using your current login ID. Please take note that, as you can see above, the URL you use to visit your control panels has been altered.

8. What happens if I use a “businessname.yahoosites.com” site for my free website?

Turbify mentions that in the future, the URL will be altered. But, everything will be disclosed later as the time comes.

9. Will the layout of my website or store pages need to be altered in any way?

The URL for the form action needs to be adjusted if you are utilizing Web Hosting Email forms on custom-coded pages or outdated design programs like SiteBuilder. Once Turbify reveals the new URLs and branding, more information on the improvements will follow.

Well, we understand that these changes were uncalled for if you wanted a smooth transition between both brands. Certainly, web hosting can be challenging, but not with Go Watermark Design’s web hosting services.

Best Web Hosting Services for WordPress in Minnesota

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