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About The Scentral Zone Project

With Scentral Zone, we embarked on an exciting website project to enhance their online presence and customer experience.

Our team focused on creating a user-friendly and responsive website design, ensuring that visitors could seamlessly access the site from various devices. The incorporation of an e-commerce platform allowed Scentral Zone to showcase and sell their products effortlessly.

The branding integration not only reinforced their identity but also created a cohesive online image. A captivating photo gallery layout was implemented to showcase their products visually.

The website, built on WordPress, provided a flexible and easily manageable platform. Google Map integration enhanced the user experience by providing clear directions to their physical locations. We included email forms to facilitate communication and user login features for a personalized experience.

To empower Scentral Zone, we also provided video training on how to edit and update content, ensuring they have full control over their website’s maintenance and growth.

Responsive Web Design


Branding Integration

Photo Layout

WordPress CMS

Google Map

Email Form

User Login

scentral zone website build

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