Speed Up Your Website - Tips

wordpress websites and helping with SEO

What are the benefits of speeding up your website?

In a nutshell having a slow website will decrease traffic and page views, conversations, sales , hurt your SEO and how you rank with Google.

How do I check my website speed?

Some ways to improve your WordPress website speed

  1. Remove unnecessary plugins
  2. Limit social sharing buttons
  3. Optimize your database (spam, post revisions, drafts) – WP Optimize plugin
  4. Optimize and reduce image size – WP Smush plugin
  5. Your website theme
  6. Enable Caching – W3 Total Cache plugin
  7. Enable expiring Headers
  8. Good web host provider
  9. Fix broken links
  10. Prevent hotlinking images
  11. Setup CloudFlare – overview of CloudFlare