Our Process

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So…how does this work?

While Web Design and technology are constantly changing,
we’re doing things the old-fashioned way… listening to you.

  1. You say hello

    Contact us any way you want – phone, email, website, Facebook or on Linkedin.

  2. We respond

    We send you a form to fill out – web quote. We learn about your project, goals and what you’d like to accomplish.

  3. We provide a quote & timeline

    If we need more information we will be sure to ask.

  4. You relax

    We provide website mapping and set up a Dropbox folder for us to use to collaborate together.

  5. We communicate

    We provide a mock-up design of the home page layout. We then implement your feedback.

  6. We create

    We design & construct your website on our hosting for you to test through a link we provide.

  7. We test

    We show you the new site, implement your feedback again and complete your project.

  8. We launch

    Your website is now live! We give you a user login and train you to make content changes.

  9. Everyone celebrates

    You smile. We take one last look through the site again to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Let's Build Something Awesome!